Dragon Flight is a tree-top obstacle course includes abseiling, nature walking and 26 breath-taking zipline tour, all set in incredible grade A+ Thai rain forest in the mountain of Doi Saket. We are committed to to protect and promoting this special area by providing jobs for local people and support for the temples and community.

Dragon Flight is located 1300m above sea level in pristine rain forest in the beautiful mountains of Doi Saket. Your adventure begins with a 10 minute nature walk into the heart of the jungle past giant palms hanging vines and huge twisting tree trunks.

Enjoy stunning views of misty peaks across the valley whizzing through tunnels of thick undergrowth and soaring over coffee plantations, rushing water, wild orchids, colorful Persimmon fruit trees and much, much more. By enabling you to experience this amazing wilderness. Dragon Flight is helping to preserve and protect the precious nature and way of life here for future generations.

Our professional and responsible staff are trained to the highest standards and no expense is spared on safety. We use top of the range equipment and strong, deep-rooted trees to build a top quality course that is regularly inspected and maintained.

Though we often experience three seasons in a day in our location, but the temperature remains at a comfortable 22-24 degrees so it is green and fresh all year round.

Guests from 4 to 80 years old and weight not over 120kg can enjoy a great day out at Dragon Flight. It is the perfect place to make memories with friends, family and loved ones. Student groups can come and learn about the nature in this area and it is fantastic for team-building with co-workers.

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